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  Seven Secrets You Would Want To Know About Free PC Optimizer 12/11/2019 3:16am (UTC)

When windows computer compromises, User looks for a Free PC Optimizer in order to troubleshoot that problem. There is millions of Free PC Optimizer available over the internet but before choosing anyone of them, User would surely want to know about those tools as nobody wants to take risk. So before downloading such kinds of Free PC Optimizer windows program, we would reveal several secrets about Free PC optimizer utility that everybody is looking for. These are hidden secrets that works in an automated way and these are:

Powerful 100% Registry Cleaner

 Every Free PC Optimizer which is safe or recommended by Experts is also works for repairing corrupt registry files into system. Most of the users are not aware about Registry files and about its work but when they own a Free PC Optimizer, They don’t face any registry related error and PC Optimizer tool keeps working on it. So the main thing is that you also get a Best Free Registry Cleaner when you download a Free PC optimizing tool.

Start-up Manager

Every PC Optimizer comes with start-up Manager Option. Through this option user can manage the entire installed application program without going through the control panel. User can uninstall or repair any application through Star-up manager even user has authority to freeze any specific application which works in backgrounds.

Start-Up Editing Option

User not only manages all installed application but also can edit the start-up function. PC Optimizer’s start-up function provides the full authority to user about which application program he/she wants to keep in this area. User can edit/remove application even can choose which application should work in backend process.

Disk Viper Option

PC Optimizer also comes with a hidden option known as Disk Viper which provides authority to clean up the unwanted and duplicate files from system. User either can do it by going through every file storage area or through PC optimizer tool.

Exporting some settings to .txt file

Free PC Optimizer has an option to export every single task to .txt files. This makes sense as user can get the whole information about what task PC Optimizer tool has done. User can get a report after using the Cleaning program.

Cookies Cleaner Option

PC Optimizer works for cleaning all the cookies on a single click. Cookies are the path through any malware or spyware works into a system. These cookies are comes through network when user make or run something over internet and remain even not using any connectivity.

Including and Excluding Additional Folders That You Wish Clean or Remove

PC Optimizer
gives the option about which files or folder has to be clean. Sometimes it happens that user isn’t able to find out the duplicate files from system and mistakenly remove any important data but when use uses Free PC optimizer windows utility, it makes sure about not deleting any important data from system.

So here is few hidden function that comes with every Free PC Optimizer windows tool. User usually doesn’t know about this type of feature but when they know about these, it makes so much easy to use them. When user downloads any Free PC Optimizer, He/she actually download a Best Free Registry Cleaner itself. The work of any Free PC Optimizer is to provide the full protection from wanted technical errors.

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