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  How To Clean Your Windows Registry Manually 12/11/2019 2:39am (UTC)

Let’s start with a little quiz. Do registry files matter for system performance? Perhaps Yes! Cleaning these files will contribute in system performance? May be…..!

Then it’s clear that the existence of registry files in a system keeps matter. But as the registry file size grows, operating system’s performance might be compromised.

There are so many of Free Registry cleaner available over the internet but we’re not sure whether they have best & safe algorithm to clean all registry files. We cannot depend on any third party application even when we know that using any non-trustable third party application might cause the health issues of the system.

Fortunately, we have an option to clean the entire files manually. All we have to follow few instructions carefully. Follow given steps and do it from your end.

1.       First, start the windows registry editor. You can do it by going through the start button and then “Run”. A box will appear over there, Type “regedit” over there and press ok or enter.

“We recommend you to take a backup before making any change in your registry file data base in case that will give any negative impact on your operating system. You can do it by going through the file>export>save in your registry editor.”

2.       Registry editor is divided into two parts. You can find the entire registry in left panel and in right panel; it uses to show the individual registry files. Click on left side on file, it will offer few options. Choose the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”.

3.       Now select software and then Netscape option. Now you have to find option says “User Trusted External Application” and then press Delete key in your keyword. (You can use Ctrl+F key in order to find the application that you have uninstalled).

4.       Next step is to remove the unwanted start-up application. Many of popular application such as Adobe reader, Quicktime player, Real player etc install a registry value in order to update a similar process when computer gets start. You have to do same as previous step. Go to registry editor> My Computer\ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ Current Version, and highlight the “Run” key. Select the multiple key and
 press delete button. And close the editor when your work is done and restart the system.

The resource has been taken from the non-profitable website wikihow.com. We also have worked on these instructions and results were awesome, even than we will suggest you to have a concern with professional technician because registry files are one of the most important data base parts for any system.

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